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Jade West is the goth, punk girl of Tori's gang of friends and serves as one of the main antagonists in the Nickelodeon TV show, Victorious. She appears to be very goth and/or punk and very rebellious in her attitude as the way she dresses. She was very mean and equally possessive of her ex-boyfriend, Beck Oliver, and tended to get jealous easily. Even after Jade and Beck broke up she still displayed signs of jealousy. This attitude may have a connection to her father as Tori described him as cold and judgmental in Wok Star. She has a thing for scissors and other weird things such as pain (Cat's New Boyfriend), a lump of fat (Rex Dies), monkey fur (Freak the Freak Out), and blood (Freak the Freak Out/Tori Gets Stuck/Prom Wrecker). She also has a fetish for breathing in the fumes of dead people (Car, Rain & Fire). She is an actress (played Olivia in A Film by Dale Squires), scriptwriter (wrote and produced Well Wishes on the episode Wok Star, directed, starred in and produced her re-audition in Helen Back Again), and a singer.

Jade's full name is often referred to as Jadelyn West by writers.